NBKR Institute of Science and Technology (Autonomous) :: VIDYANAGAR

Digital Library @NBKRIST

Society Name

Web Address / Credentials

DELNET (Developing Library Network)

  • No Credentials needed.

IEEE Xplore Digital Library - Computer Science

  • UserName: ieee.cse.2018@nbkrist.org
  • Password:   ieee2018

IEEE Xplore Digital Library - Circuit Branches (ECE and EEE)

  • UserName: ieee.ckt.2018@nbkrist.org
  • Password:   ieee2018

J-GATE Engineering and Technology

  • No Credentials needed.

Indian Journals (dot) com

  • UserName: ist@nbkrist.org
  • Password:   nbkrist

NPTEL (IITs and IISc) and Other Digital Resources

  • No Credentials Needed.